Rumors for BIMOTA home office, … for about 3 months at another place. Time to make clear his story!

Giuseppe Morri - BimotaSuddenly, Bimota came back in the spotlight, at the moment and in the most disappointing way.
It does not recall in September for 30 years Bimota won the F1 World Championship with Virginio Ferrari, but reports a shift of seat for several months and for a supposed end of race … but categorically denied by a company statement.
You are reading everything and more, without quoting documents or facts, but telling each writer’s feelings, with various quotes, not always about it.
But it was only discovered now that Bimota has moved the premises, leaving the property via Via Giaccaglia, operation was started from last spring (a month ago I had posted on FBK that the old plant looked like an abandoned cemetary mound (there was always that stone in the weeds.
Connecting the shift to management difficulties.
In fact, the property rented to the last landlords, is back from the availability of the Ing. Roberto Comini, following a court ruling.
As far as it may seem, there has been a collapse of the business environment.
By the end of 2016 leaving the company had been the Ing. Pierluigi Marconi, for about a year has returned to the company after nearly 20 years of resignation after Walter Martini’s management.
Then the scene of Andrea Acquaviva at the beginning of 2017, the technician who (except for a brief pass in Benelli) and who, present in the technical staff since the early 1990s, had guaranteed the maintenance of some fundamental values ​​of the company. The names of new technical managers are not known.
Today, with the briefly circulated statement, try to put a stop to the many gossip that are circulating. In fact substantially the most significant, most desirable, step is the one referring to potential new buyers.
There are important values, given that the current owners are in fact the owners of the equipment and the company’s stock. At the same time, it might be interesting to give the technical guidance and the current validity of the trademark and patents registrations, much of which was filed in the ’80s, early 1990s.
In 1993 he completed the cycle (Bimota Snc of Morri and Tamburini, which split in 1987) that involved the founding part of the company, the one that gained great popularity, projected even over the years that were followed, so much to do still news.
The company had developed progressively, as documented by the budgets, thanks to the hundreds of collaborators who have succeeded in the period, to over 600 riders who with Bimota bikes competed and won about 1500 podiums. Official and unofficial titles, many nationals and other nationalities
Exporting products from the mid-1980s with motorcycles equipped with engines supplied directly by Ducati, Suzuki and Yamaha.
In the book “Golden Age Bimota” published for a few months, at that time there is a very detailed and documented description. A story that has already raised very flattering comments.
Subsequent to the assumption of control by a pool motivated by the mission to determine a strong growth of the company so that it can be placed on the market to get the most profit possible.
Intent that has favored the adoption of commercial policies that were not always compatible with the DNA that was just the company.
Bimota in the mid-1990s bought scooters in Taiwan to increase revenue and revenue (it was a disaster); you tried to get in the SUV by working with small Italian builders. It’s a mistake to set off the Tesi project … which has become strategic in the third phase. With the approximate design of the “two-stroke engine” project, in any case, the project was sold to an important Canadian builder, but developed with “avarice” in the company. Projects that were considered strategic in the early 1990s.
At the end of the 90′s, Bimota Spa was put into stand-baby to give birth to Bimota Srl; then the collapse.
I am aware of that passage because I was interviewed by Adriano Aureli, an important industrialist from Rimini (Bimota shareholder since 1986) and Prof. Marco Vitale, former president of the company, for an interview during which I was asked for an opinion on possible possibilities to take action to revive the company.
The numbers were impetuous, in fact a judgment. The bankruptcy manager of Bimota Spa and Bimota Srl, alienated Bimota Srl to Ing. Comini and he gave the company to current holders. And we are in the affair, with its “loose hair” talk from the most diverse sources.
It’s a nuisance for the Bimota who has always brought it to her heart.
I am pleased to have had the opportunity, with the collaboration of Saverio Livolsi, to leave the testimony of my passage to Bimota through the hundreds of pages of the book

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